Wednesday, October 19, 2005

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Pajamas Posted by Picasa

Why Fall?

So, its Fall. Sort of. I mean, in Georgia of course they are barely any recognizable seasons. The kids have to dress for the fall weather in the morning, but by the afternoon its like almost 80 degrees outside!!

Anyways, school is good, jsut very, very difficult at the moment. For instance, I SHOULD be writing a research paper, but I am doing this instead to avoid it. The boys are good, Eden loves first grade and he lost his first tooth a couple weeks ago!! They are excited for Halloween, Jude wants to be a ghost and Eden wants to be a "Confusion Monster". Yes, he invented that. Ill have to post a picture after Halloween because its too complicated to describe really, its something you have to see.

Heres the boys in their new PJs from England. They are very warm and fuzzy.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

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Jude's cake Posted by Picasa


Eden is 6 years old!!

He had a pirate theme birthday party, we brought some dress up clothes and bandannas and all the little boys dressed up as pirates. We got them some blow up plastic swords, so they could swordfight without hurting eachother, and that worked out very well. He even had a birthday cake shaped like a pirate ship!
Then he woke up five days later with two loose teeth....and he was SO excited! Hes growing up so fast!

Jude is 3 years old!!!

He had a Finding Nemo birthday party, andboy can that kid open presents like a pro! It was rip-look-"thanks"-and on to the next one. I think his favorite present was his Pikachu toy, whose cheeks light up and shakes when you squeeze its hand and it says "PPPPIIIIIKKKKKKAAAACCCHHUUUUUUUUU!!!!" Which can get annoying when its done over, and over...and over again, but he loves it. He also got a leap pad, which he plays with every day in the car on the way too and from preschool.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

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Monday, August 08, 2005

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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

My 24th birthday July 23, 2005 Posted by Picasa

My Birthday

I had a birthday last Saturday, I turned 24!! It was a good day, had cake and ice cream with the boys and Mom and Stephen. Then I got to go visit Dean in Ft. Benning for the rest of the weekend. Dean got me a box of Godiva chocolates (Yum! And no, Im not sharing!), a stress management pack (me?! stressed?! No way!), some beautiful flowers and the sweetest, loveliest card I have ever received in all my life!!! Hes so great! I also got some Fox Trot comic books from Daniel and the boys, its my favorite comic.
Mostly though, it was just nice to spend a quiet day with people who really love me.

Our garden has grown wildly out of control, we've had a couple big zucchinis, some squash, tomoatoes, some green peppers, one melon thats doing very well, and some baby pumpkins starting to grow. The sunflowers also decided to finally bloom! I'm just impressed that I haven't managed to kill it all off yet. The beans are not so well, something ate most of the plant, as well as one of the smaller tomoato plants and the broccoli. I saw the cat looking out the window last week and when I went over there was a baby bunny in the back yard, so perhaps hes been snacking on our plants!

a baby pumpkin Posted by Picasa

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Our garden Posted by Picasa

Thursday, July 14, 2005

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Not Fire, Not Ice

Not Fire, Not Ice
~Ben Harper, Live from Mars

There is not a river wide.
Not a mountain high.
And neither sin nor evil.
Could change how I feel inside.
Could change how I feel inside.

Not all the strength of the ocean.
Not all the heat from the sun, from the sun.
Now, others have tried,
I just can't deny.
For me you are the one.
For me you are the one.

The true love is priceless.
For true love you pay a price.
But there's nothing can keep me from loving you.
Not fire, no not ice.
Not fire, no not ice.

Like a hero or a champion.
You are the best,
you're the best.
Like religion or superstition.
With you I am blessed.
With you I am blessed.

Now the river may grow wider.
The mountain may reach past the sky.
And whether or not you feel the same.
My love shall never die.
My love shall never die.

The true love you give and take.
The true love is sacrifice.
But there's nothing can keep me from loving you.
Not fire, no not ice.
Not fire, no not ice.
Not fire, no not ice.

Monday, July 04, 2005

Jude's new look! Posted by Picasa

Jude got a haircut!

My sweet little boy had all his sweet little baby hair chopped off this week!! I don't think his hair has been this short since birth! I found a place that was just for kids haircuts, since Jude has always had a massive fit and refused to let a palce like Great Clips cut his hair. This place was called Kids Kuts and it was really nice, there were tons of toys while they waited, which wasn't very long at all. Then instead of the regular chairs they had little cars for the kids to sit in, Eden sat in a jeep and Jude sat in a VW Bug. I told the lady Jude really didn't like having his hair cut, so maybe if she just used the buzzers on the longest setting that would work best. I didn't realize how short that was going to be!! Jude was really good, but didn't like having it trimmed around his ears so she gave him a little frog "helper" to hold. He kept saying "Look Mommy!! Im doing it! Im doing it!" I was a bit worried Daniel wouldn't like the final result because it was SO short, but it is adorable and everyone has loved it. Jude looks much more grown up and much more mischevious, if thats possible! Eden also got a very nice hair cut, I think hes been a bit jealous though of all the attention Jude has recieved since his was a much more drastic change.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Mommy, Eden, and Jude on the Dolphin Express Posted by Hello

Building a sandcastle Posted by Hello

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The Beach!

Dean and I took the boys to the beach this past weekend. We stayed at a hotel right on the beach, but the boys wanted to spend most of their time in the pool! They did dig in the sand quite a bit, and played "sand monsters"- a game where we had to bury their legs and feet and they would break out and stomp around and roar at us. Like monsters. They also chased the waves in and out, and each time a wave crashed in as they turned to run there was a look of mixed excitement and fear on their faces. They really enjoyed it. And even though I was a crazy person about putting sunscreen on them they both managed to get a little tan. On Saturday we went on a dolphin tour and saw some dolphins jump behind our boat in the waves. The boys got a bit bored between the dolphin sightings though.
It was a really good trip, especially since it was so unexpected and last minute. I got spoiled having Dean around so much though, now I miss him even more! I love you, Dean!

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

The Garden

We made a garden! Dean and Eden picked out all the plants and seeds at Home Depot. We got dirt and stuff to build the garden box. Jude wasn't much help since he was busy playing with a puppy he met at the Home Depot named "Chico". The dog's owner even let him walk the dog around for a bit and Jude was very happy. When the dog's owner said "You can have the dog but you have to come home with us! Say bye to your mommy" Without hesitation Jude turned to me and said "Bye Mommy!" I guess he still has a thing or two to learn about strangers....
But the garden is great. The boys want to water it ALL the time. It will be a neat summer project. Hopefully we will be able to eat some of the things we grow, and maybe have a pumpkin or two for halloween of our own.

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Dean's Blue Cord! Posted by Hello

Dean got his Blue Cord!

Hooray for Dean graduating from IOBC! I'm so proud. I even got to put his blue cord on him at the ceremony!

Thursday, March 24, 2005

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Eden at the Foam Factory! Posted by Hello