Tuesday, June 08, 2004

The Days

Lately the days seem to go by so fast. Dad and Vicki are getting ready to move. I took the boys over last night. The whole house has changed! Most of the furniture is gone, including the DVD player so poor Jude couldn't watch his Veggie Tales. but the boys had a lot of room to run, so thats basically what they did. Back and forth, Back and forth across the living room into the kitchen and back again. Laura was visiting form Boston so the boys got to stay up late to visit. We all had dinner and it was a good time.
We went to Noah's 1st birthday party this weekend and it was so much fun. Jude managed to hurt himself...twice...but nothing major. All the moms reacted way more then I did, but then I'm used to Jude hurting himself at least four or five times a day. Hes yet to do any serious damage so I try not to freak out. The highlight of the party for me was when little Noah got a bit overwhelmed and started to cry. Jude RAN right over to Noah's highchair pushing all the grown-ups out of the way shouting "Noah! Noah! Ok? Ok?" He even pushed Noah's Dad out of the way to get to his friend in need! It was soooo sweet!
I was putting Eden to bed a few days ago, I gave him a kiss and said goodnight, and he sits up and says "Mommy, tell me again where is my pankanese?" I said " you mean your pancreas?" and hes said "Yeah, yeah, that! My pancreas! Where is it again?" This is what happens when I study for biology class during the day! He is absolutely fascinated with my book and the illustrations, but has made me promise not to show him any "Yucky pictures" of actual organs. He saw a few on accident one day and was completely grossed out. But he knows all about his pancreas!


Sunday, May 30, 2004

Shanny and Me (on right) at brother Ryan's wedding!
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Nay's First blog! WAHOOO!

Its 9:00 PM on May 30th, and I'm creating my very first blog! So it probably won't be much fun, but I can't wait to see what it looks like.
Today was a weird day...saw some people I didn't expect to see. But thats what I get for going to the mall. So, its kind of thrown me off all day. I just look at all the past crap and go "Why are you people still following me?!?!" I know they aren't really following me exactly, but it can feel that way. Why can't the past stay where it belongs?

Ok, then theres this boy. Man. Not really a boy, hes much too old to be called a boy. Hes a man, but if hes a man why doesn't he call me? He calls me, I call him back, but now there is no return call. Its been two days. I've made up some excuses in my head to make me feel better like "Its a holiday, hes probably out of town" but I don't really believe them. Maybe the real purpose of his call was just to remind me how he made me feel over a year ago when we met, and to remember I should be looking for someone who makes me feel that way. Special and pretty and alive. The general opinon seems to be that he will still call....at this point even if I try not to think about it or get disappointed, I still will. I hate that.

So thats mostly my day's worries. Really the day itself was good, playing and shopping with daniel and the boys, having chocolate cake and not having any homework to do yet.

Thats the end of this blog. I hope it looks cool!