Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Dean in Chile Posted by Picasa

The Best

I just need to say that I have the BEST husband EVER!

Last weekend, when I had to be on bedrest, he took care of me, baked me brownies, AND took the boys to the Fall Festival at Eden's school all by himself!! How great is that? I actually think they had more fun going without me, ya know, a boys day out kind of thing.

Then this weekend he came to see me, even though it was only for one day since I had clinical all day Saturday. Sunday was a beautiful day, and we went out to Kennesaw Mountain, took the dog, and spent a little time outdoors. Dean brought an old camera he has and took pictures. That made me happy because all the pictures I have of me pregnant I have taken myself, so my head isn't in any of them! I hope these ones turn out good.

We also spent time at home, sitting with our hands on my tummy feeling Hannah kick around. She seems to like hearing Dean's voice. It makes me so happy when I see him excited about her and talking to her. I already know he is a great Dad to the boys, and I can't wait to see him with her!

Here is a picture of Dean that he showed me recently. I love it.