Wednesday, May 11, 2005

The Garden

We made a garden! Dean and Eden picked out all the plants and seeds at Home Depot. We got dirt and stuff to build the garden box. Jude wasn't much help since he was busy playing with a puppy he met at the Home Depot named "Chico". The dog's owner even let him walk the dog around for a bit and Jude was very happy. When the dog's owner said "You can have the dog but you have to come home with us! Say bye to your mommy" Without hesitation Jude turned to me and said "Bye Mommy!" I guess he still has a thing or two to learn about strangers....
But the garden is great. The boys want to water it ALL the time. It will be a neat summer project. Hopefully we will be able to eat some of the things we grow, and maybe have a pumpkin or two for halloween of our own.

Dean, Eden and the garden Posted by Hello

Dean's Blue Cord! Posted by Hello

Dean got his Blue Cord!

Hooray for Dean graduating from IOBC! I'm so proud. I even got to put his blue cord on him at the ceremony!