Thursday, March 24, 2005

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Being Sick

So last weekend I got sick. Then by Tuesday, Jude was sick. Then by Friday Dean was sick! It was very, very sad. I ended up missing class most of last Monday and all day Tuesday. So my test THIS Monday didn't go very well...but I can still recover. The only good part was that Dean got a few days off to come and help when I was sick, and then this week he got a few days off because HE was sick!! So we got lots of extra Dean time!! The boys miss him when hes gone, on Monday morning when we got up and he wasn't here Jude said "Mommy, where Dean?" and I said "He had to go back to the ARMY base." and he wailed "WWWWHHHHHYYYYYY??????" and then cried until I got him some chocolate milk. Chocolate milk makes everything better.
This Wednesday was my first clinical day at Crawford Long hospital. We all looked so silly in our all white scrubs with our little patches and name tags. It made us very easy to spot walking down the hall! The day went well though, and I got to give my very first shot to a real live person!! It was great, they didn't scream or flinch or anything so I guess I did a good job. Besides that we got to give baths, change linen, and......measure "Inputs and Outputs", which is basically measuring pee in a cup. Doesn't that sound like fun? I can't imagine why more people don't want to go into nursing...
Today I got to go to the Foam Factory on a fieldtrip with Eden's class!! It was really really fun. His little classmates are so adorable, they ran themselves ragged, we all sat and ate lunch, and then most of them fell asleep on the bus on the way home. His "best" friend at the moment is Devin. Devin got to be in my group, which made Eden very happy. Edens favorite part about the Foam Factory was standing underneath the huge buckets, and when they got full a siren went off and then all the balls got dumped on our heads.
So it was a good fun day. Dean's parents are going to be in town this weekend, and that should be fun. For now though, I have to go study some Pathophysiology and hope my test next week goes better then the last one.