Monday, July 04, 2005

Jude's new look! Posted by Picasa

Jude got a haircut!

My sweet little boy had all his sweet little baby hair chopped off this week!! I don't think his hair has been this short since birth! I found a place that was just for kids haircuts, since Jude has always had a massive fit and refused to let a palce like Great Clips cut his hair. This place was called Kids Kuts and it was really nice, there were tons of toys while they waited, which wasn't very long at all. Then instead of the regular chairs they had little cars for the kids to sit in, Eden sat in a jeep and Jude sat in a VW Bug. I told the lady Jude really didn't like having his hair cut, so maybe if she just used the buzzers on the longest setting that would work best. I didn't realize how short that was going to be!! Jude was really good, but didn't like having it trimmed around his ears so she gave him a little frog "helper" to hold. He kept saying "Look Mommy!! Im doing it! Im doing it!" I was a bit worried Daniel wouldn't like the final result because it was SO short, but it is adorable and everyone has loved it. Jude looks much more grown up and much more mischevious, if thats possible! Eden also got a very nice hair cut, I think hes been a bit jealous though of all the attention Jude has recieved since his was a much more drastic change.