Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Why Fall?

So, its Fall. Sort of. I mean, in Georgia of course they are barely any recognizable seasons. The kids have to dress for the fall weather in the morning, but by the afternoon its like almost 80 degrees outside!!

Anyways, school is good, jsut very, very difficult at the moment. For instance, I SHOULD be writing a research paper, but I am doing this instead to avoid it. The boys are good, Eden loves first grade and he lost his first tooth a couple weeks ago!! They are excited for Halloween, Jude wants to be a ghost and Eden wants to be a "Confusion Monster". Yes, he invented that. Ill have to post a picture after Halloween because its too complicated to describe really, its something you have to see.

Heres the boys in their new PJs from England. They are very warm and fuzzy.

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