Tuesday, July 26, 2005

My Birthday

I had a birthday last Saturday, I turned 24!! It was a good day, had cake and ice cream with the boys and Mom and Stephen. Then I got to go visit Dean in Ft. Benning for the rest of the weekend. Dean got me a box of Godiva chocolates (Yum! And no, Im not sharing!), a stress management pack (me?! stressed?! No way!), some beautiful flowers and the sweetest, loveliest card I have ever received in all my life!!! Hes so great! I also got some Fox Trot comic books from Daniel and the boys, its my favorite comic.
Mostly though, it was just nice to spend a quiet day with people who really love me.

Our garden has grown wildly out of control, we've had a couple big zucchinis, some squash, tomoatoes, some green peppers, one melon thats doing very well, and some baby pumpkins starting to grow. The sunflowers also decided to finally bloom! I'm just impressed that I haven't managed to kill it all off yet. The beans are not so well, something ate most of the plant, as well as one of the smaller tomoato plants and the broccoli. I saw the cat looking out the window last week and when I went over there was a baby bunny in the back yard, so perhaps hes been snacking on our plants!

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