Thursday, August 25, 2005


Eden is 6 years old!!

He had a pirate theme birthday party, we brought some dress up clothes and bandannas and all the little boys dressed up as pirates. We got them some blow up plastic swords, so they could swordfight without hurting eachother, and that worked out very well. He even had a birthday cake shaped like a pirate ship!
Then he woke up five days later with two loose teeth....and he was SO excited! Hes growing up so fast!

Jude is 3 years old!!!

He had a Finding Nemo birthday party, andboy can that kid open presents like a pro! It was rip-look-"thanks"-and on to the next one. I think his favorite present was his Pikachu toy, whose cheeks light up and shakes when you squeeze its hand and it says "PPPPIIIIIKKKKKKAAAACCCHHUUUUUUUUU!!!!" Which can get annoying when its done over, and over...and over again, but he loves it. He also got a leap pad, which he plays with every day in the car on the way too and from preschool.

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