Tuesday, June 07, 2005

The Beach!

Dean and I took the boys to the beach this past weekend. We stayed at a hotel right on the beach, but the boys wanted to spend most of their time in the pool! They did dig in the sand quite a bit, and played "sand monsters"- a game where we had to bury their legs and feet and they would break out and stomp around and roar at us. Like monsters. They also chased the waves in and out, and each time a wave crashed in as they turned to run there was a look of mixed excitement and fear on their faces. They really enjoyed it. And even though I was a crazy person about putting sunscreen on them they both managed to get a little tan. On Saturday we went on a dolphin tour and saw some dolphins jump behind our boat in the waves. The boys got a bit bored between the dolphin sightings though.
It was a really good trip, especially since it was so unexpected and last minute. I got spoiled having Dean around so much though, now I miss him even more! I love you, Dean!

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