Tuesday, July 08, 2008

On Vacation

Hannah and I are spending two weeks in New Jersey with Dean's family. The boys are at their Dad's, going to the beach and generally having tons of fun. They weren't too upset until the day before we left, when Jude said "Wait, I want to play with Uncle Thomas!" (Dean's younger brother) I assured him that Uncle Thomas would come and visit us some time soon, and that I really thought this time he would have more fun at the beach. Last time we all came to NJ we did EVERYTHING from camping to the Statue of Liberty, and I told him we were not doing any of those things this time. So he said "Yeah, I think I will go to the beach." I personally was not up to the challenge of three kids in the airport, getting through security and all of that jazz.

Getting through the airport with Hannah turned out to be quite entertaining. Here she is, walking to our gate, with a wipey on her head. I had just changed her diaper in the bathroom and she asked me for a "wash wash", which about ten seconds later was deemed a "hat hat".

Then once we got to the gate we sat for a few minutes, looked out the window, watched the people. Hannah then seemed to suddenly remember her Daddy Doll was in my backpack. She started pointing and shouting "Dada! DA! DA!" at my backpack. I asked her "Do you want your Daddy Doll?" And she said "Right! Right!!" When I got him out she said "awwww" and gave him a big hug. Then she proceeded to walk around the gate and show him to anyone and everyone, saying loudly "Dada! Thank you! Dada! Thank you!"

She was great on the plane, played with a little boy sitting next to us, and then napped for about 30 minutes. When we arrived Grandma and Aunt Mary were there to meet us. Hannah definitely recognized them but was afraid I was going to leave her with them and didn't really want to look at them or talk to them at first. When I put her in the car seat she really started to freak out that I might leave her, and she cried for a few minutes even once I got in the car too. Poor baby girl! But we all made it to the house, and went outside to explore the yard. One of her new favorite words is "grass", I am not sure why but she seems to think Jersey grass is waaaaay more interesting then Georgia grass. We also had a little cook out.

Thats Hannah with Thomas, whom she has renamed "Tummy!" Every time she sees him she exclaims "Tummy!" and points to her belly. It has the potential to become a very permanent nickname.

The next day we went to the playground. Hannah was fascinated by the rocks in the parking lot. and it took some convincing to get her to continue on to the ACTUAL playground.

So we went on to play on the swings and such. She had a captive audience of no less then 4 adults (me, Mary, Grandma, and Tummy)and I think she quite enjoyed it. Although by the time we go home she may have quite a time readjusting to not being the complete center of attention.

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