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We celebrated our 3rd Wedding Anniversary on February 18th. Celebrated is a term I use loosely of course, since my husband is a "kajillion miles away", as Jude would say. We did get to have a long talk on the telephone though, which under the circumstances was a totally awesome anniversary present. I also received the most beautiful roses I have ever seen, but they arrived on the 15th. I think the florist was confused with Valentine's Day and all, and probably thought they were doing some poor guy a favor who had mistakenly ordered flowers for the 18th instead of the 14th. Which was fine, this way they sort of covered both events. I also got a big heart shaped box of chocolates because my husband knew I would probably be in need of some chocolatey comfort on our big day without him. Hes a smart man.

I have to say, I love my husband. This is a good thing obviously, since we are married and all. But the amazing part is that its been three years and I can say that I honestly love him more now then I did when we got married. Don't get me wrong, I was head-over-heels with buckets and buckets o'love at the time. Just hearing his voice made my heart race and my stomach flip and my brain melt into a totally useless glob that was capable of not a single coherent thought except "Dean!" I felt total delight when I saw him and total agony when he left. It was that make-you-crazy-love kind of love. You know what I'm talking about.

And then we were just sitting around one morning, and I said "What do you want to do today?" And he said "Uhm....I don't know. We could go to the park I guess." And I said "Do you want to do anything....important?" And he said "Ooooh....yeah, we could do that too!" And off we went. So I guess technically I proposed to him. Sort of. On that very Friday morning which was not even particularly special we drove to the mall, bought a couple of rings and proceeded directly to the courthouse in a love-induced haze. Which is something two people who are in make-you-crazy-love kind of love would do.

Here were are, three years later. I know its not an extremely long period of time, but it feels like we have been married forever. Again, in a good way. While I don't feel totally crazy and mindless every time I hear his voice now, I do feel something even better. Completeness. Total security. Calm. And a love that is this deep, rich, and indescribably gentle thing. A bond with another person that I could never have imagined. I am so grateful to have him not just in my life, but as my life.

And I can't wait for our 4th Anniversary, which we will be able to celebrate together.
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