Friday, January 18, 2008




This is Patches.

This is Patches in Hannah's diaper drawer.


You would have to ask her, cause I have no clue.

I was changing Hannah's diaper, as I frequently do, and Patches jumped up on to the changing pad. Hannah was laughing and smacking her, and then I thought she jumped down to get away from said smacking. Apparently though instead she decided to climb IN to the diaper drawer and see if there was anything exciting going on. At this point I must have shut the drawer.

About 5 minutes later I hear "meow! meeooow!" I'm going all over the house, opening doors and cupboards (she tends to go in those too when I open them, and then gets shut inside). I can't find her anywhere! Finally, I go into Hannah's room. And there is a teeeeeeeny tiny paw, just peeking out of the drawer. "Meow1 meeeeeeeooow!" and the little paw waves back and forth. I rushed over and opened the drawer in a panic, worried maybe I had crushed her or something. But she popped her little head right out, shook it off and jumped down. I did not have the foresight the first time to catch this on film. However, this cat is not exactly the "intelligent" furball in the family, and the next day she did it again.

This time I grabbed the camera.
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