Saturday, January 19, 2008

Daddy Doll

Warning: Do Not Attempt to Read this Blog Post Without a Box of Tissues

Have you got them?

Ok. Good. You may proceed.


See why you needed the tissues?

Hannah received her "Daddy Doll" in the mail today. This has got to be the cutest, sweetest, most precious idea of all time. The military Moms who came up with this seriously deserve a medal of some sort. Or at least like, free chocolate for life or something. This 12" totally soft doll has a picture of Hannah's Daddy printed right on the front and an American flag printed on the back. It also has this nifty pocket for a voice recorder, which the company was kind enough to send weeks ago so that Dean could record a message for Hannah before he deployed. So now Hannah can give her doll a hug any time and hear her Daddy's voice say "I love you, babygirl. Night Night."

If I could put sounds on the blog, I would. But it would probably just make you cry harder so I guess its for the best.

I really wasn't expecting Hannah to ask for her Daddy so much. But she does. Every single day. When she sees my phone she points to it and says "Dada?" (his picture is on the front screen, cause hey, I like to look at him too!). When it rings she calls out "Dada? Dada??" And of course whenever she sees pictures of him around the house she exclaims "Dada!" and points or waves. And sometimes blows kisses.

I think shes trying to break my heart. But at the same time it makes me really happy because it means she KNOWS him. And she knows him well enough to miss him. Which is a good thing. Even if it does mean I go through a lot of tissues.
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katiebear said...

I should have listened to your warning. My daughter just got her Daddy Doll 2 weeks ago and she also does what your daughter does- says dada! when she sees photos. She also blows kisses if I have my husband's photo up on the computer. I am a new military wife... how do you do it???