Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Moment

This morning I was driving in my car after mailing some stuff at the post office. I got to a red light only to realize that at the next light which was not very far away I needed to be in the other lane to turn right.

I looked over and the driver next to me was an elderly African-American woman in a big van. I assessed the situation and decided I could definitely pass her and change lanes before the next light. So my light turned green and I sped up, turned on my blinker, and quickly changed lanes. At the next light, I turn right and so does she.

We come up to the next light and she pulls up in the lane next to me and honks her horn. I'm thinking, Oh crap, this lady is going to yell at me for cutting her off.....but I look over and she has this BIG smile on her face and she is pointing at the back of my car and waving and smiling. It took me half a second, but then I realized she was mouthing something and my face lit up. "OBAMA?!?!" I shouted even though I'm sure she couldn't hear me, and she threw her hands up in the air in a big "WAHOOOO!" sign and mouthed several more times "Obama! Obama!" So I threw my hands up in the air too, and we had a mini-celebration for about 10 seconds at the stoplight. It was an awesome moment. Then the light changed and as she drove off I saw that she also had an Obama bumper sticker, along with a mix of Army, Retired Army, Support Our Troops etc stickers all over the back of her car just like some you see on mine. So it turned out we shared more then just our love for Obama, which gave my heart warm-fuzzies.

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