Friday, September 19, 2008

A Happy Hair Day

Lately, I have become increasingly frustrated with my hair. I'm back at trying to grow it out, but its at that akward point where theres basically nothing to be done with it. And I hate it. And its evil. Which makes me want to chop it all off. However, my very sweet husband is basically begging me not to, and since hes in Afghanistan its the least I can do for him to not cut my hair.

Instead I have begun investing in a series of scarf/headband thingys in an attempt to make my hair at least appear decent. Or if it won't appear decent it will be too covered up for anyone to notice.

Yesterday I had on this sparkly scarf thing and my hair was all messy and cool looking and I was awfully proud of myself so I took a photo. Ta-Da! Happy Hair Day.

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