Monday, December 10, 2007

Home Again

Dean finished his training at Ft. Riley last week. I flew out Thursday and saw him graduate, or whatever they call it, on Friday. Then we got to drive alllllllll the way home! We drove a few hours on Friday night, and woke up Saturday to an ice storm in Missouri.

And here I thought I missed having "real" winters. It turns out thats not true. As we attempted to get from the front door of the hotel to the car, Dean demonstrated his "break dancing" skills on the ice. Which was hilarious. And neither one of us fell down. Which was miraculous.

So we drove. Ice collecting on the windshield and the wipers and the car antennae. The big roads were clear at least, so I only feared for my life a teeny tiny bit. I called my Dad (not while I was driving!) at one point and he said "Just head south and when you hit the beach hang a left!" Thanks Dad! Instead we stopped somewhere in inner city St. Louis to get gas and snacks. Because we are just that clueless.

We spent the second night in Tennessee, and it was warmer. We had dinner at a place where you throw peanut shells on the floor.....classy, right? Eddyville, Tennesee it turns out is one hip town. Our waitress said to us "Hey y'all, y'all been here before? Well, y'all sit down and y'all look at the menu and I'll talk y'alls' order in just a few minutes, Can I get y'all a drink while y'all are lookin'?" Annnnnnd we were back in the South.

Finally, on Sunday we made it back to Georgia. We picked up the boys and made it home around 8 P.M. It turns out its hot in Georgia, which is difficult for my brain to really understand since it is still trying to thaw out from the weekend.

Here are some pictures of us, and soliders, and stuff.

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