Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Jude is Four!

Jude turned four on Sunday, August 20th. We had a Build-A-Bear party at the mall and then came home for cake and presents with his friends. on the 19th. It was SO much fun!! Iwas so happy with how well it turned out and all of his friends made it. Jude made a bear and got a Superman suit for it to wear, it was very cute. He had an Incredible Hulk birthday cake, which was delicious! He set the table for all of his friends, putting out the plates and cups and napkins before we sang Happy Birthday to him. I think it took him about 2 minutes to open his presents! He just tore into them, he would look at it, say "Thanks!" and right on to the next one. Once they were all open then we started trying to get stuff out of the packaging and he was letting everyone play with his new toys.

He seems so grown up to me! He is such a good friend, and I was so proud of how good he was at his party showing his friends his room and wanting to share all his toys.

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