Saturday, July 08, 2006

4th of July!

So we went and saw the fireworks in Roswell by the highschool where we have gone every year since Eden was born. This year we took Eden's friend Michael with us because his Dad said he wasn't going to take him since it was too hot. The boys had a great time! The people who set up next to us had this game they set up in the grass and they let the boys play it. I don't know what it was called, but there were two wooden boards that each had three holes in them and each hole was worth a certain number of points. You stood on one board and threw these metal rings and tried to get them into the holes. It really made the time pass faster for the kids, and the people were SO nice!

We also had a little cookout ourselves, steaks, chicken, hotdogs and chips and fruit salad. It was super delicious! I love when Dean grills for me.

So, heres some pics of the boys at the fireworks. My favorite quote of the day was when the fireworks were going off and Jude said "We're celebrating America!!"

When we got in the car afterwards we found out that the car battery had died! Dean found some nice people to jump start our car and eventually we were on our way. Although the boys were convinced we were going to have to live in the parking lot!

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